Editing Your Manuscript

If you already have a manuscript, I can edit it to completion and readiness for publication. Editing is a collaborative process and my goal is to work with you to refine your manuscript to ensure it is your very best work!

My editing services include:

·      Copy Editing for grammar, sentence structure, punctuation and fact checking. I also ensure consistency with capitalization, hyphenation, numerals.

·       Stylistic Editing (or Line Editing) to clarify meaning, polish language, maintain a consistent voice in non-fiction, or voices of characters in fiction. The focus is on writing style and voice, removing awkward phrasing, unnecessary phrasing, telling vs showing, passive voice, and generally improving the quality of the writing.

·       Structural Editing (or Substantive Editing) for overall flow, organization of ideas, concepts, scenes, as well as consistency of characters and timelines of events, point of view.

·       Proofreading  Once your book has been designed and formatted for publication, you want to make sure there are no errors in the "proof copy." I proofread the manuscript for typographical errors, layout and page number problems.


Fees for Editing

Each editing project is unique, so I ask questions and often ask to see the manuscript before providing a quote. The type of content, the length of the manuscript, and the type (or types) of editing required are factored into the time I estimate I will need to do the editing efficiently and effectively.