Do you want to write a book for your business

but you don't know where to start?

Or you started and got stuck?


The problem was you didn't have a strong outline that worked.

This course is for you!

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Accelerate Writing Your Business Book: 

Write a Story Arc Outline

As a book coach, I know that business leaders who want to write a business book often start and get stuck.  The problem is not having an outline, or having a poor one. I have looked closely at what makes a best-selling business book great, and I have come to the conclusion that a great outline is ESSENTIAL to writing great content.

In this course, you will create a Story Arc Outline ---yes for a business book---where you make your reader the main character and the hero of their own story.

The Course includes 4 online modules with 4 lessons in each module, videos, and downloadable resources. It also includes 2 half-hour coaching calls with me, and weekly group coaching calls in our Facebook Group page. The course is evergreen so go through the Modules at your own speed.

By the end of the course, you will have a strong outline and be ready to write your book! 

Take this course and you will write your book with SPEED, CLARITY, and CONFIDENCE that you will engage your reader from start to finish! 

The next time this 4 week course will run is June. Registration will begin in May.

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How Richelle helped me!

Working with Richelle has truly been a blessing. While my head was full of ideas for eBooks for my business, Richelle was able to capture all that information and create the eBooks for my business. Richelle was extremely patient working with me and really helped me narrow down my ideas. I could not have written this eBook series without Richelle! - Sheri B.,  Calgary


It seems like I have been writing this book all my life. I do not know who to thank or where to begin, but I do know that without my book coach and editor, I would never have finished it. Thank you, Richelle Wiseman, for your patience and understanding, as I had almost given up on my Dad’s story. There is still so much that I do not know about him.   

S. Edwards - Calgary